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Enterprise philosophy
Symbiotic symbiosis between heaven and earth
The slogan of enterprise philosophy
Coexistence with the environment and human beings with the environment
Enterprise spirit
Respect for people to work in respect of innovation and excellence
Enterprise mission
Where the Chinese people come to taste Luzhou Laojiao
Chinese wine giant is the flag bearer of Chinese wine culture
Core values
Inheriting the continuous innovation of culture and focusing on the creation of wealth by customers
3345 "marketing culture
"Three unswervingly": unswervingly competitive marketing strategy, unswervingly guiding ideology of selling as king, unswervingly creating the basic principles of sharing;
"Three stability": the price plate stability, the team stability, the policy stability;
"Four requirements": together with the industry, and customers win each other, with customers, and the market synchronization;
"Five landing": the construction of the organizational structure is down to the ground, the channel network is built, the brand focus is built, the service culture is built, and the company effectiveness revolution is landing.