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Sichuan is the hometown of Chinese wine. A city located in the south of the ancient "wine city" reputation, wine history has thousands of years since the Qin and Han dynasty. The wine cellar of XXX is a large state-owned backbone winemaking enterprise developed on the basis of 36 ancient brewery groups in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The inheritance

"The city to drink, wine in the city", since the beginning of the first generation of Guo Huaiyu in Yuan Dynasty from certain cellar liquor,

after the Ming Dynasty Shu Chengzong inheritance to the new development of Chinese stereotypes, wine cellar Moumou art heritage has been 23 generations,

so China liquor cellar become the cradle. In 1959, the country published a new China the first wine cellar "textbook" certain liquor brewing process,

become the standard of our country liquor wine makers, Dean Mr. Zhou Henggang personally wrote the "authentic flavor".

We honor

Chinese liquor first came out of the country, which originated in World Expo, San Francisco in 1915. So, a liquor cellar special song was awarded the gold medal of Panama World Expo.

In 1952, the first national wine meeting, a certain wine cellar was named the first four famous Chinese wine, and became the previous "Chinese famous liquor" Luzhou flavor liquor.

Built in the Ming Dynasty Wanli 1573 David pits group, in 1996 the State Council approved 12 to become the industry's first "national key cultural relics protection units, in March 2013, 1619 more than 100 years Moumou cellar wine cellar, 16 workshops and three natural ancient wine cellar hole, again selected" national key cultural relics protection units "become the industry, large scale, variety, complete protection, continuous use since the" wine living cultural relics". In 2006 and 2012, China's preparatory list of world cultural heritage was selected successively. In addition, the traditional brewing technology of "XX liquor cellar wine" from the Yuan Dynasty was selected as the first "national intangible cultural heritage list" in May 2006.
The quality of
Excellent quality comes from perseverance. The company is committed to brewing organic liquor, promoting healthy life, "let the quality of Chinese liquor can be seen". In the industry to create "Organic Sorghum Planting Base, establish and improve the quality, organic, energy security, environment, measurement, six management system, to achieve traceability from farm to table; build national engineering research center of solid fermentation, the national wine test center, national postdoctoral workstation eight research platform, sustained support innovation to promote the upgrading of products with a strong technological strength; to the Consumer Council, wine tasting, tasting Committee of technical experts committee for key institutions, to ensure the excellent quality of each bottle of wine.
The company's implementation of the "double brand, multi brand operation" brand strategy, build brand Pyramid structure of the five single product strategy: Guo Jiao 1573 Chinese ultra high-end brand positioning for the liquor is the spire, one hundred years of age wine cellar, cellar Moumou Moumou cellar Tequ location for business and dinner with wine brand first tower, the first a brand wine cellar first song and two songs for the mass market coverage of the building base, and actively expand the health wine products and bartender products, carry out to the consumer demand as the leading custom wine business.
The talent
The company's talent is the concept of "talent is the capital, for there will be a" long-term adherence to technical personnel, marketing personnel, management personnel training, the establishment of a certain cellar postdoctoral workstation "," XX school cellar "and other liquor liquor culture Chinese talent Heights, high-end talent, build company" talent park". Now has a National Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative inheritors 3, China Chinese liquor wine master 3, master 2, senior engineer 6, the State Council special allowance 8, Sichuan province science and technology 3 leader, 15 postdoctoral fellows, more than 100 masters, and skilled talents Chinese liquor master craftsman, wine master, national wine judges, senior technicians, technicians, making hundreds of.
The vision
"Heaven and earth with the same brew, human symbiosis" is the enterprise philosophy of a wine cellar. Companies adhere to the "serve wine, undivided attention dedication" for the purpose, respect people dedicated, innovation and excellence, and strive to achieve the leading market share, corporate governance, leading brand culture, leading the quality of leading technology, leading the world's best talent resources, brewing liquor, to provide the best quality service for customers in the global wine market certain cellar was built the aircraft carrier, formed into a large modern enterprise of economic globalization, in the pursuit of "Chinese brilliant famous cultural edification, all human beings share the happy life".